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I am an artist telling stories from my visceral perception of the world...through imagery captured with  my camera.  As a Saturday student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, I became interested in the art mediums of photography, printmaking and design.  My degree from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, OH, was in  Arts Management (Studio Art & Business).  I have spent the last 10 +  years participating, educating myself,  and having membership in local, and regional art and photography groups & galleries.  Competing in juried competitions has allowed me to share my work with a broad body of people.  The  journey of "self",  a "contribution",  and a sense of "gratitude" to humbly put my work on display, has allowed me to grow as an artist.

I've always been interested in the story of the people and places that I photograph.  Instead of "boxing" myself into one concentration of genre ,  I rely on my intuition.  I love the study of  Street Photography and Photojournalism,  and I have found myself delving into this  area rather organically. 

My desire for  the audience  of my work,  is that  they will derive a connection with the mood, and message of my imagery.     I love the use of color in most instances,  however,  black and white imagery fills the void for deeply satisfying tones of shadow and light.  

I feel that my senses have become keenly heightened through the  camera lens.  The world around me has stopped for an instant, and has allowed me to return to a moment;  time, and time again.

In reflection,

Linda Phillips

Linda lives in a Dayton, OH suburb on a 5 acre mini farm with her husband, two dogs, two cats, and two horses!  The mother of three grown daughters, and now a grandmother,  she is active in local and regional art associations and camera clubs- the Contemporary Dayton,  the Dayton Society of Artists, and Tripod Camera Club, to name a few.  Linda has received awards from honorable mention through first place distinction on much of her work.  The photo, "Somewhere In Time" received high recognition  in  an international competition between clubs in the U.S., England and Australia.  


Please go to the Search bar on the Home Page: Type in 'Reviews', click on  'Pages",  then click on the "looking glass icon" .....My picture will appear with a Review block for potential clients to view comments  from other customers.  Cheers!

"Somewhere In Time"

Untitled photo

Linda Phillips, your photographer

Untitled photo
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